CMS authentication for a high school EFL student blog in China

Hi everyone,

I’m an English teacher in China, and I’ve had this idea to run a school blog for awhile. I want students to experience what it might be like to work as a writer for an online magazine, where they submit drafts via a CMS and the editor gives feedback before publishing. I was thinking about using Hugo with Netlify CMS and hosting on Netlify.

I want students to be able to authenticate into the CMS and submit content through there. Because of political restrictions, I need a solution that would allow them to log in via a username and password, without requiring an account at GitHub, Google, or other similar service.

I see Netlify has an Identity service, but I don’t know if that would support my use case. Does anyone have any suggestions for this or another way I could solve this authentication issue?

Thank you all for your help!