Cloudflare Blog: rebuild of Dev docs (including Hugo)

Plenty in here about the switch from Gatsby back to Hugo.


Bafore that…

Love to see it!


As a postscript . . . today, Netlify acquired the company behind Gatsby:

more than 3 million developers on its platform

Assuming annual revenue of $25M USD, that’s about $8 USD per developer per year. That’s a cup of coffee and bagel.

If I were Netlify I would:

  1. Market the heck out of the Analytics add-on (server-side) to all those non-paying users ($9/site per month). Although it does not capture everything that client-side analytics does, it is sufficient for a large number of sites. I’ve strongly considered doing this, just to avoid all the data privacy headaches (varies by country, a moving target, etc.).
  2. Encourage non-paying users to use slow static site generators.
  3. Encourage non-paying users to rebuild their sites frequently. The Scheduled Functions feature (in Beta) is a step in the right direction, but still too difficult to use for casual (non-paying) users.

Items 2 and 3 would increase build minutes, hopefully getting non-paying users to exceed the 300 minutes/month quota.


Hey there, just wanted to chime in on this thread.

Tech writer / primary developer on the CF docs. Really do love Hugo & the great docs / community here. Thanks so much for all that y’all do!


As a further postscript to all this, it now appears that Netlify is actually killing off Gatsby in “sorta” slow motion. The following Mastodon thread makes for interesting, if sad, reading (sad because real people have lost their jobs):