Cloudflare Blog: rebuild of Dev docs (including Hugo)

Plenty in here about the switch from Gatsby back to Hugo.


Bafore that…

Love to see it!


As a postscript . . . today, Netlify acquired the company behind Gatsby:

more than 3 million developers on its platform

Assuming annual revenue of $25M USD, that’s about $8 USD per developer per year. That’s a cup of coffee and bagel.

If I were Netlify I would:

  1. Market the heck out of the Analytics add-on (server-side) to all those non-paying users ($9/site per month). Although it does not capture everything that client-side analytics does, it is sufficient for a large number of sites. I’ve strongly considered doing this, just to avoid all the data privacy headaches (varies by country, a moving target, etc.).
  2. Encourage non-paying users to use slow static site generators.
  3. Encourage non-paying users to rebuild their sites frequently. The Scheduled Functions feature (in Beta) is a step in the right direction, but still too difficult to use for casual (non-paying) users.

Items 2 and 3 would increase build minutes, hopefully getting non-paying users to exceed the 300 minutes/month quota.

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