Looking for Hugo developer to convert a Gatsby web site


I’m looking for a freelancer to help convert the following web site from Gatsby to Hugo.

The english side is a bit incomplete, as the web site was just an initial version, but there are several bugs, and build times are becoming enormous as I try to scale up, and I think Hugo would be better at this task than investing more on the Gatsby version.

The main features that need to be kept:

  • multilingual (currently en/fr but more languages would need to be added later)
  • product pages are a bit more complex than other ones, with the photo carousel. The React code can be reused. (I’ve got the full github repo for the Gatsby web site)
  • a map for the shops (buggy page currently)

Some issues that would need to be fixed

  • Tailwind 2 is currently used, and would need to be migrated to v3
  • there is a bug in the menu (hit zone isn’t correct)

Feel free to contact me if you’ve got further questions,

Hope that you are well.
Can you pease let me know which cms are you using for your site.
I would like to help you in this migration, it would be possible to share a repo without all content so I can make an estimation?


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