Hugo and Auth0?


There are tons of guides and tutorials with auth0 and gatsby and what not. Has anyone implemented Hugo and Auth0. Are there any tutorials or guides to get started?

I would really appreciate it if someone can point me in some good direction. Also, Auth0 pays like 300$ per contribution through their Auth0's Guest Author Program - Auth0, if you know how and you are looking to contribute something and get compensated, this might be worth your while.

Just thinking aloud but I think this will need some server side cooperation, like netlify/vervet functions. I’ve heard of someone do it with Eleventy, but they switched to next.

Using Google brought up this: GitHub - biilmann/auth0-example

Might help. But only if you host the project with Netlify, because it seems to use Netlify’s authentication protocols:

@davidsneighbour and @fgandiya thank you for the replies!

I managed to setup password-less authentication with javascript. My one problem is with having a protected url.

I can make sure that the login and logout work. I can get the information of which user is logged in.

My problem is if a user goes to /profile for example, I can write a piece of javascript that checks if the user is authenticated. If not the user is redirected.
IF the user disables javascript in their browser, then goes to the /profile page for example, there is no javascript to redirect them, because it is disabled. The page might show blank or ugly… but this is in-secure.

So, does hugo implement something like a protected route? how to build something secure without depending on the user having javascript enabled.

No. You need to do these things server side.

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