[closed] 0.40 .1 breaks children shortcode from Docdock theme

0.40 works fine but 0.40.1 breaks the way shortcode children from docdock theme works.

It shows all the pages instead of only the ones at the given depth in the shortcode.
This worked fine from the old hugo version, and I tested fine until 0.40.1.

I looked at the shortcode code, but it is pretty straightforward and clean.

It uses .Site.GetPage, some .ByWeight/.ByTitle/.ByDate/.Byxxxx and that’s almost all. I’m puzzled and dont’ really know if it is a 0.40.1 breakage or soem dockdock problem (but it was working fine even in 0.40).

Any idea ? pointer ? link ?

I think I made a bad diagnostic about the problem. I think the problem is in fact with the reload logic.

I opened a new issue : The live reload does unconsistent work

I found the origin for the problem:

children.html shortcode

{{- .Scratch.Set "current" .Page }}
{{- $cpage := (.Scratch.Get "current") }}
{{- .Scratch.Set "pages" $cpage.Pages }}

{{- .Scratch.Get "pages" }} => Pages(0) on 0.39 / Pages(45) for 0.40.2