Simplifying a shortcode "children"

I am trying to use the children shortcode from the docdock theme with no variables (or all variable set to default).
The objective is to display all children from a given section (with nested sections or subsections).
It works as it is but it’s a bit complicated and since I don’t need all variable options, is it a way to simplify it and also to better understand the rational behind this particular shortcode ?
Note that my coding skills are very very limited.
thank you

If you can wait. The next Hugo release that is currently developed by @bep will offer a native way to list the children pages of a page.

See here and here

Note that that feature isn’t meant as a replacement for the section/pages tree demonstrated in the DocDock theme.


I probably wait for the next release and associated feature hoping that it will address my point.
Any idea of the release schedule, maybe a Christmas gift as for the cropping image feature ?

Yes, I plan and hope to get it out before xmas. This has given me a fair amount of gray hair to get right (Hugo users have certain expectations in the performance department), but I’m getting there.


You are the best !