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Recently I choose to move from MediaWiki to Hugo for my documentation/wiki related to all technological things.
I could achieve most things I would like to have. However, there is one thing I miss - being able to add citations to my articles like in MediaWiki. It’s a bit hard to explain, so let me show you what I mean:

# Some Markdown Heading
This is some text in my article blah blah blah.[1] And another important 
thing I got from another important resource.[2].

# References
[1] URL or Book Citation
[2] URL or Book Citation

I found this post, but they ask explicitly for BibTeX file support.
For me it doesn’t matter if it’s a BibTeX file, YAML or whatever as long as it does the job the following:

  1. I can cite with a placeholder, Something like This is some text in my article blah blah blah.@citation_alias.(shortcode?)
  2. The numbering happens automatically.
  3. The References section with the citation appears automatically (template?)
  4. I can reuse a citation. So if I use two times @citation_alias, I get only one reference in my “References” section.

For points 2 and 4, I have no idea how to tackle that. I already did some templating and worked with Hugo, so I can work myself through building the mechanics behind that. I can code in Python too, but try to do this as natively as possible to avoid long build times within netlify.

Does anyone have some ideas about how I can tackle this problem? Maybe even a theme that supports the feature already so I can add that into mine?

I hope, I made my idea clear =)

Can you use footnotes?

Here is the first footnote.[^1]  
Here is the second footnote.[^2]  
Here is another.[^another]

[^1]: This is the first footnote.
[^2]: This is the second footnote.
[^another]: This is another footnote.

Well, it seems it’s what I searched for! Thank you!

I thought you have to add them in the exact order you want the numbering to be. However, I was wrong.

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