CI Docker Image Breaking Change

Hey Everyone,

The Hugo Docker CI image I maintain (cibuilds/hugo) will be getting a major changed. I wanted to share it here so that anyone using it can be aware of the likely breaking change ahead of time.

The current image is Alpine-based and it has been more headache to maintain than I prefer. I will be moving the image to an Ubuntu-base, which will be easier and will have other benefits as well for those using this image on CircleCI.

This change will happen with the Hugo v0.59 image, unless Hugo releases that version this week, in which case I’ll push this change back to the Hugo v0.60 to allow more time.

More information is available in the related GitHub Issue. Feedback and/or comments welcomed here or in the GitHub Issue.

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This change has happened and will be published for the Hugo v0.59 release.

This change is already available in the edge image. As of October 10th, 2019, cibuilds/hugo:0.58.3 contains Hugo v0.58.3 in an Alpine image, cibuilds/hugo:edge contains Hugo v0.58.3 in an Ubuntu image.

The Hugo v0.59 release will be in an Ubuntu based image however if there happens to be another point release (0.58.4), that will remain an Alpine image.

This change, an Ubuntu based Hugo image, was published with the Hugo v0.59.0 release 4 days ago.

So far only one problem detected:

Working on a fixed image right now and should be published soon.