Changing css parameters in a theme?

I am fiddling about with the css files associated with the Blackburn theme, which has an elegance and simplicity I like very much. However, I want to change the background color of the left bar, its fonts, and its width - none of these are configurable using the config.toml file.

What is the standard way of doing this? The theme itself allows for setting user-based css files, but that seems to be unnecessary given Hugo’s Theme Components functionality.

So I’m just wondering what is the current preferred way of getting inside a theme, so to speak, and changing some of its parameters. I’m using Hugo 0.46.


There isn’t a preferred way. Overriding templates or theme components both work. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Much as I suspected. One of the problems with an open and free system like Hugo is that there’s often more than one way to obtain a result. But as a think-fingered cack-handed peasant I’m always looking for the easiest way!