Use my index

(sorry for my bad english but i need help)

i used the docdock theme but the search engine just highlights words and don’t search in subfolders

So i used the tutorial github gist in tools documentation and i have generate my own PagesIndex.json but i can not use it on my website.

thanks for help and if you don’t understand i will try to explain myself better :wink:

I think you may get faster/better answer here:

I already sent a message to the creator.
I will wait his answer,

thanks anyway

Salut Tclavier,

I didn’t receive your issue on github, did you find a fix for your issue ? (what was the problem ?)

Hi !

Sure, i installed my server on linux and used hugo-lunr !
I just forgot to put my index.json in my static files

That was a stupid error of me ^^

Have a nice day !