Changes not applied

I am completely new to hugo and I am trying to build a website. I have made a website and when I run “hugo server -D” all the changes are visible. But when i do “hugo server” , the changes are not shown.
The changes made in the hugo.toml file is shown but those made in contents folder is not . I have also built the website usign the command “hugo”.
I have hosted the project on github as well and am not able to see the contents of the content folder .
Please guide me as to what to do
Thank you.

Maybe your content has draft: true set? Per the docs:

By default, Hugo will not publish content when:

  • The draft value is true

The -D flag changes that default behaviour to build draft content.

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Came here to delete my question :sweat_smile:
the draft value was set to true
I had made two websites and had changed the draft value of the other one
It is working now
Thank you.

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