0.123 doesn't have drafts?

Hugo 0.123.2 is happily generating pages for content that has draft set to true in Front Matter, even when run without -D option. Hugo 0.122.0 behaves.

Is that expected?

Example please.

I guess you’re getting access to my site repo, after all. Please forgive me all the mess, I’ll understang if you don’t feel inclined to dig into it. :wink:

I’ve been trying to hunt it down, but have had no luck so far; seems to be another heisenbug. If I remove enough files from content (leaving the offending draft in place), it stops reproducing; if I restore all the content back, it reproduces again. I have not found a particular file that triggers it, but have been reliably reproducing it on the whole site as it is.

You should be able to git clone --recurse-submodules git@evgenykuznetsov.org:evgenykuznetsov.org using the same SSH key you use for GitHub. On my system running hugo v0.123.2-929b91fe75cb0d041f22b4707700dfc117115ad4+extended linux/amd64, public/en/posts/2022/war/* does get created, despite the corresponding content/posts/2022/war/index.en.md being a draft.

OK, I can reproduce this. And I know why it’s happening. It’s a bug. Will log one shortly.


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This was fixed in v0.123.6.

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