Capitalize a title

I was searching for a way to capitalize a title so that each word in the title starts with an uppercase character. This has been asked before, but I did not find a solution, just some passive agressive bug reports, hehe. (

Now: Hugo has upper which changes ALL characters into uppercase and humanize which changes the first character in a string (amidst other things) to upper case.

Which actually makes what I want to do quite easy.

Let’s assume I have a taxonomy “dwayne johnson” and I want the title of the taxonomy page to be “Dwayne Johnson”. What I do is split the string at the spaces into splices and then range “humanizing” over them:

{{ $name := split .Page.Title " " }}
{{ range $name }}
  {{ . | humanize }}
{{ end }}

You might want to use “headline capitalization” that changes strings like “weather in thailand” into “Weather in Thailand”. This could be done with a “stop word list”:

{{ $name := split .Page.Title " " }}
{{ range $name }}
  {{ if in "the and or in" . }}
    {{ . }}
  {{ else }}
    {{ . | humanize }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

The problem here is, that you need to create your own stopword list for the language you are using. But it’s enough for me. Maybe it’s of use for someone.


The default archetype is

title: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"

So does title not do what you want?


Woops. For some reasons I oversaw title. It does exactly what I want.

(mumble… the function docs really need a secondary structure that sorts them into string functions, array functions, conditional functions, and so one… mumble…)

Personally I’d do it in CSS.

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Okay, I’ll bite. Why?

Am curious as well. Because even if you use

text-transform: capitalize;

It doesn’t give you title case.


Well, text-transform: capitalize; seems to give me what was asked for:

I was searching for a way to capitalize a title so that each word in the title starts with an uppercase character.

As to why I’d do it in CSS, various reasons.

Firstly, so that I can keep the data in its natural format and not do additional computation while rendering pages.

Secondly, so that I can easily have the style be different in different contexts. e.g. I might want to capitalize titles in a search engine drop-down box, but not when they’re displayed as headlines on the page, even though the underlying JSON is the same.

Thirdly, for ease of changing it later. I deal with corporate style guidelines where one year you’re expected to use capitalized, the next year it’s back to sentence case.

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Fair enough @lpar. Even though “capitalize first letter of each word” and “title case” are slightly different :slight_smile:

@bep TIL about that config option

The solution is strings.FirstUpper: strings.FirstUpper | Hugo