Updated Ananke theme

Hi everyone,
I’ve updated my Ananke theme for Hugo. This update includes some fixes, some new hugo features like Related Content, and some much requested feature like comments.

Really appreciate all the issues and comments that have been filed, and PRs from the community.

Demo: https://gohugo-ananke-theme-demo.netlify.com/
Repo: https://github.com/budparr/gohugo-theme-ananke
Theme site: https://themes.gohugo.io/gohugo-theme-ananke/ (not yet updated there)

Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Improve template structure
  • Fixed issue where flexbox was configured improperly and the side column expanded with longer content.
  • No longer assume that posts are called “post”
  • Simplify tag handling
  • Improve related posts handling
  • Support native Table of contents (if declared in params)
  • Add DISQUS commenting (if disqusShortname added to config)
  • Uses Hugo’s Related content feature
  • Add asset hashing to Webpack for performance