Can't search blog content with Google or others

I just created my blog soon and deploy it to Github Pages.

The sitemap:

But I can’t search any content in my blog with Google Search or others?

Did you submit the sitemap? It needs to be in the Google index before the pages are searchable.

Go to and type in “” - no spaces. You will see no results, but you will also see an Ad for Google Webmaster Console a la “Is this your site? Submit it to get indexed.”. Follow their instructions and all will be well.

But don’t expect to be listed and ranked after one day. I see your page has a date of 19th of April…


Yes. The sitemap is here.

Submit the actual site one, not the one from your repo:

Once you get your sitemap submitted, another thing you can do is use the Google “Search Console” to manage sitemaps, crawling and so on. FYI:

N.b., I think Google are in the middle of migrating that page from an old format to a new one, and, on mine, there is a “go to the old version” link, at the bottom of the sidebar on the left. In the old version, I can tell Google to re-index a specific page after an update. This is not yet available in the new, as far as I can tell.

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