How to enable a site (uses hugo docsy theme) on google search?

Hi team,

We have a doc site, which is public and uses Hugo docsy theme, we want to enable on Google Search?
Could you please let me know any option or solution?

Could you clarify what you meant under that?

If you want to index in Google, start with Google Seach Console.

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I mean, when we search for topics of our doc site, it doesnt show up in the Google search.
We want to enable or index?

Any resources oh how to do that?

Do as idarek said and get the site set up as a google property, you need a google account to do it.
Add a website property to Search Console - Search Console Help (
Once that is set up you can upload a sitemap for indexing.

The only slightly hugo related things are

  1. where your sitemap.xml is (should be
  2. you can put the google verification file in /static so it gets copied over to the root of your site
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