Can't remember/find what template renders a bundle page

I never use bundle pages, and forgot how it works. I read the docu, and it doesn’t click.


Title: Drafts
    render: always
 - build:
    list: local
    publishResources: false
    render: never

the local page is valid, as you can see:

title: The extrasensory, the intellect and evolution

The extrasensory acts

I tried to fill /home/drm/WEBSITE/layouts/_default/list.html, but it doesn’t register. nothing I write in it shows. In case something is wrong in my config, only that could matter:

list = 'never'
render = 'never'
path = '/intro'

list = 'local'
render = 'never'
kind = 'section'
path = '/docs/**'

Sorry to bother you with this.

I’m not exactly sure, what you want to achieve, but to render your example folders in Drafts.

Just use _index.html and a list layout.

No need to set any build options.

oh, I mixed up things then. Ok I got it now.

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