Bug with build render never when a sub page exists in taxonomy

Hi !

I found a bug with hugo (tested in 0.122.0). I have a custom taxonomy setup in config file called “games”. In this taxonomy, I have a folder “old-school-musical”, with assets in it and a _index.md that contains metadata.

I use it on my website to generate both cards on linked blog posts (visible here : Old School Musical Post Mortem / Developement - La Moutarde) and a full page for the game (visible here : Old School Musical - La Moutarde).

I also have a sub page called “press-kit” (visible here : Old School Musical Press Kit - La Moutarde), that is a folder inside my term “old-school-musical” (that contains an index.md to generate this page).

The problem is : if I put “[_build] render = ‘never’” in my _index.md at the root of games, it still generates the page “Games”. If there is no sub page in any taxonomy term, it doesn’t.

There’s a related open issue on this that requires some more testing. Stay tuned; should be resolved in the next couple of days.

Great to hear :slight_smile: thanks for the fast reply !

I’m going to leave this unsolved until we can confirm.

Tested on 0.123.7 and it’s fixed !

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