Can't get a gallery setup noob question

I am trying to setup a gallery using:

I have my Hugo site saved in:

~/Documents/Cyber Bunker/Sites/M'S Kitchen

I am using the theme

Per the instructions I installed pip while in my home directory:

pip install hugophotoswipe

Next I downloaded to ~/Documents/

I am in `~/Documents/Cyber Bunker/Sites/M’S Kitchen``

mkdir content/galleries

The next step says:

The layouts directory in the Hugo root directory contains all the information for how our site will look (we won’t use themes in this example).
First, we create a file called index.html in the layouts directory, which contains the following HTML code

However in my sites root directory there is no layouts folder there is howvever a layouts folder under themes there already exists a index.html file

So what am I doing wrong I am also open to using:

But there to I have had an issue

Here is a zip of my site

Essentially in ~/Documents/Cyber Bunker/Sites/M'S Kitchen/static/images/gallery/Watermark

I want those images on the gallery.yml page in data / en

Would be greatful for a step by step and I can turn it into a video to help others

You have a better chance posting questions to those projects’ authors. They have specific workflows. :slight_smile:

You can just create a directory called layouts in your root directory - and then extract the zip files there

but I second the other commenter - to go to projects authors git pages