Can't cover theme data file by mine

I’m using the Lotus Docs theme, and I find it very user-friendly and enjoyable. However, I’m facing an issue with the landing page where I can’t override the default content provided by the theme with my own data, making my customization efforts unsuccessful. One solution I’m considering is deleting the theme’s built-in data/landing.yaml file, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to handle this. For instance, is there a way to specify which specific data should be used when there are two overlapping data sources? Thank you.
Additionally, I installed this theme using go mod, but I couldn’t find this theme in the mod cache. Does this mean Hugo downloads the theme every time it compiles?

They provide a quite comprehensive documentation on their website. Also referencing what you can change in landing.yaml

If nothing matches your needs, you might get more accurate answers in their GitHub Discussions

Anyhow you should eleborate your question to be more precise on the problem and your expected result.