Cannot uncouple a remote theme from github


I am a new developer, I’ve worked a lot with WordPress and concrete5, but this is my first time getting used to a Github implementation and Hugo.

First of all the docs are useless btw - I can barely work out how to get the most basic things done in it.

I have one of my themes going to the Cupper theme because I initialised it from Github. No matter what I try I cannot remove the origin so I can’t edit layouts and things - it’s really frustrating.

I’ve tried git remote -v on Powershell to see all my connections. Nothing. When I go back to the theme is still linked to a Github remote parent I obviously don’t have permission to modify.

Does anyone have any tips?

Since this is not a Hugo question but about git and GitHub there are better places to post this.

If you do not want to learn git I suggest you download the repo as a zip, unpack and move the files into the themes folder.

Normally you do not want to edit the themes files directly since that makes it hard to update the theme but it is up to you.

I prefer to copy the files I need to change to the project root layout/assets/etc. dir and edit them there. Hugo will then use that version to override the theme.

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Thank you- this sounds like the solution as I didn’t know Hugo can do that by default. I’ll ignore the rest of that infamous Hugo Forum new user hospitality in the first part of the post. Consider my wrist slapped.

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