Can you use front matter in the partial?

Is it possible to use front matter data in your theme somehow?
In particular I’d love to add “image-sources” section in the front matter, where I’d list authors of the images I use. Then this would be used to add credits at the bottom of the generated html page/article ( so at the end of the article I’d get something like “images: author, source”).

edit: so, as I thought there’s a way, but I can’t find the part in the docs that would describe howto use it. So far I’ve added “references” section in the .md file, and this in the single.html:

<p>{{ .Params.references }}</p>

The problem is that I get square brackets around the entry (for example “[someauthor @somesite]”). Also if there are several entries I got them in a single line, while I’d prefer to get a new line per entry. Any ideas howto loop over those front matter entries and add them correctly?

ok, I see how it can be done:

        {{ range $image := .Params.references }}
        <p>{{ $image }}</p>
        {{ end }}

Sorry, for messing around - I’ve started getting good search results shortly after posting.

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