Is it possible to have Params in the Front Matter?

I know this may not be the typical use case, but what I would like to do is include site data and parameters in my front matter. My current workflow is I have markdown files for each one of my pages that only includes parameter values that get pushed into my partials. What I am trying to accomplish is that my md files can go unchanged but I can change paramater values in the main config which will push those changes throughout the site - I’d like to do this for easier theme switching.

Below is a simple example of what I’d like to do and what I’ve tried (but fails).

title: {{.Title}}
title: {{.Site.Title}}
title: {{.Site.Params.title}} 
title: {{.Site.Data.FILENAME.title}}

A more practical use case:

text: This is some random text that includes my {{ }}.


You can in the archetype files used by hugo new, but not after that.