Can I translate an existing question here?

I’m recently answered an old thread.

The context of the linked question (the possibility of provisioning a Hugo site that supports image upload) itself is not language specific. I wonder whether translating an existing post is allowed here. This is a bit broad, so it can divided into several sub-questions.

  1. What are the posts worth translating?

    More than 50 views? Asked within a week? Non-language-specific question context?

  2. Translation from foreign language into English?

    So that other non-Chinese and non-Japanese users can read.

  3. Translation from English into foreign languages?

    • For: to facilitate participation of non-native English speakers
    • Against: users are expected to interact in English, and moderating additional posts in foreign languages might add burden to the admins.

I would love to hear your views.

IMHO (which might not be the standard) starting with “In this thread (link) the question (question) was answered. I though it would be helpful for everyone, so here is a translated version of (usernames) solution” and then translating and putting it into the “tips and tricks” category would suffice. Everyone get’s the solution and the original solution the praise (and you the praise for the translation).

Regarding the views/likes: I wouldn’t count that in. A solution that solves for instance an issue with Algolia indexes (hint hint) never reaches a certain view or like count.

I would translate from foreign to English mainly. From English to foreign only if requested by someone - on the other side as you said we should stay within English, but there are categories for other languages here and a solution/tip might be useful.

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Yeah, that’s fine. :slight_smile: