Is a partly translated website possible with Hugo?

I plan to have a website translated in multiple languages.
At the same time, one parts of the website (blog) is to be in English only.

Is that possible in Hugo? How to do that?

Example: - English
…/fr/somepage - French
…/es/somepage - Spanish

…/blog/post1… - is in English only
…/blog/post2… - is in English only

My understanding is that if I do not translate blog posts, Hugo will create copies of those posts in all languages activated for the website. I certainly do not want that. I’d prefer having a link to the English blog, or skipping that link entirely than to have the same English blog copied for all languages. I plan on adding some Disqus comments as well. It would be a clutter to have people commenting on copies of English blog posts under various “es” … “it”… copies of the website. Please guide me here. I understand there might be a manual workaround, like creating separate websites, or manually turning languages on and off and compiling the public folder by hands. Hope there is a better solution.

Nope it won’t do that. Only translated content will be published. I wrote extensively on this, feel free to peruse:

Thank you! In fact, I read your link before posting my question. I was going to to use the structure similar to what you describe in your post. Great article there!

Still I couldn’t find where you describe the question of my post, that part of the content if not translated will not be published. Could you be more specific? What part of your article to look at? I read it 3 times.

So I am not sure we are understanding each other. For me your concern was that Hugo would create a duplicate of every untranslated pages and publish them under the alternate language directory.

We agree that this won’t happen.

It appears that what you are trying to achieve is very similar to my personal website ( It’s multilingual french and english, english being the default language.
All of my pages are translated in french except for my blog posts. As a result my blog posts don’t have any french reference. Neither does my blog section page. If you are in the blog section you won’t find that little language switch in the top left corner because Hugo knows there are no translation available for the section or its subsequent pages.

I chose to keep any notion of the blog in the french menu too, but adding the blog section would just be as easy as adding an external link in the config.yaml

Now, compared to my own website configuration, what more do you wish to achieve ?

Perfect! That’s exactly that I want to achieve. Now we are on the same page. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you wrote about this particular behavior in the article you referred to, but I couldn’t find where you you had that in your article.

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