Can i create a free website on gohugo?

can i create a free website on gohugo, using its subdomain, like website.gohugo etc

No, you can not.

The longer answer is: no you cannot, but you can create a free Hugo website on Github pages with Github Actions.


ok then how can i convert this to hugo.

actually, I’m not familiar with coding but I’ve basic WordPress knowledge, can i convert this to hugo platform?

Hugo is not a platform like WordPress (either com or org). You need to have some technical knowledge to go through the path of migration to Hugo from WordPress.

Have a think about it first, as it mat not be the best approach for you.


Thanks idarek, how much does it cost to hire a professional for migration?

Je ne suis pas électricien, mais j’aimerais équiper un immeuble de 48 appartements…


Sorry, not sure.

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send your questions in the contact form on Thanks

Anyone who knows

I have been working in Hugo ( and Jekyll ) for past 7+ years. I can migrate your website to Hugo.
It will be better if we converse business over personal chat. I have sent you a personal message on this discourse @johnarthore regarding estimated cost ( money and time )

Thank you

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