Can I build a site in webflow and export the code to use in Hugo?

Hi all -
I’m moving to create a site for a project of mine, which I want to launch with hugo+netlify/etc. I don’t quite love any of the templates, though, and I’m not looking to build a site from the ground up w/ code.

The solution (hopefully) that I’m looking at is to build the site in Webflow with help from a designer friend, then export the code and arrange it for hugo. Is this a viable strategy? Are there any obvious issues with this that I’m not noticing?

Thanks for any help, peace :v:

Hey, peace to yourself :slight_smile:

Anyway… Webflow? Add a link :wink: I know Google but I am already asking it soo much…

There will always be work in it to make a design based export into a Hugo theme. Mostly because Hugo works with “loops” where it ranges through pages and creates overview pages and single pages and creates html-files from that. I don’t know what Webflow is, but most design tools export just an html file and don’t do the range-indicators on them.

So it might be good to design your design, but moving it to Hugo will take extra steps.

Appreciate your input ~

Here’s - it’s a no-code design tool. I’ve heard the code from such tools can be kinda messy, and that combined with your answer is making me think that I don’t want to do that work at the moment.

I’ll just accept that I won’t have an ideally personalized site for now :slight_smile: I’d rather get live than fuss over perfection, so I’m gonna go consider some prebuilt themes again.