Cache,refresh, date and more

Hi, i‘m andy and since three months i’ll make my first steps with the hugo framework.

i‘m verry excited about the options and it reminds me back in the early days of webdevelopment when it builds a site in the public folder.

Thanks first for this great work!

I‘ve some questions:

  1. Is there a best practice to set header information (html,htacces) that the visitor becomes always a „fresh“ site. if i change some images and don‘t change the name - the images are still the same, till the user active deletes the browser cache. i‘ve not really deeper knowledge of that. *

i’m took some images eg. in the “static folder” - other dynamic things in the “content” folder - i’m speaking only about the static files.

  1. The creation date of the public folder is since the last update always 30.08.54 ? Is this a bug?

  2. If i need a formhandler, can i use each handler? Are they any preferences? A best case?

I use a mac, hugo is installed with brew.

Thank you

There isn’t anything specific to Hugo concerning the browser cache. That has to do with how the web server is configured, and so you’ll want to look up the docs for whichever web server you are using.

Sounds like it. I suggest creating a new #support post and include the output of your build and explain this in more detail.

I personally am not aware of a standard meaning for “formhandler”; maybe someone else can weigh in. Hugo generates static web documents, and can of course include forms and form fields, but it won’t respond to POST or GET submissions, that requires a separate service. If that is a formhandler, the piece that receives data, then Hugo will work with any standard form submission tech.

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Thank you for your fast informations.

Yes, i‘ll post a post, i‘ll find some equal posts here and on github.

It‘s an apache server. - I‘ve found some documents.

Yes, a technique to send data get/post, so i can use a service - perfect.

Thank you

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