Hugo Server Not updating correctly


I need some help. I noticed my browser keeps my files. I deleted some css files to test if I would see changes but it looks like my hugo server doesn’t refresh.

Also tried hugo server -D. Used cognitive browser as well. Same thing. Only saw the changes I made after checking a different browser entirely.

Please help.

Hi @ddanawoski

Try this previous post as it may guide you …

hugo server --noHTTPCache seems to be your friend

Also as told in the linked solution: If you have Chrome Developer Tools open and click long on the reload icon you get options to reload with a cleared cache. The option to not use the cache is quite hidden in Developer Tools these days.

Yeah ran into this, and had to figure out how to turn off the caching. Its a check box in the Network tab

location of the disable cache

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thank you so much, you saved me!


I notice something very annoying while in developement. If any of the localistions aren’t in sync with each other, the site is not being updated. It says it update the template but it does not on the dev server. Even with cache being disabled. It does not tell you what md or yml file causing it. The only way for me to get the changes to build is by restarting the server.

Is this a bug or is there something I miss?


My error was to change index.html in public and changes were not made because public is auto generated by Hugo and does not store your content to be changed.
Now I made changes of the file in layouts and voila.