Bullet list :: from markdown to html

I try to get some bullet-list rendert inside a normal text via a singel.html templet:

I used the ‘*’ in my md-file and I get an <ul> inside a div -> ulist container but bootstrap don’t show up with a bullet?

What can I do?

– Michael

ps example in project:

Please share an example repo so that the problem can be replicated. Is it creating an li element inside the unordered list? If so, most likely bootstrap is using some custom CSS that has list-style-type: none.

I update a link to the source in the first post

The style of the list (“bullets”) is determined by CSS. Please research “CSS style unordered lists”.

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As mentioned before, if it is creating an li element inside the ul then check your CSS. Upon checking your HTML, it is indeed creating an li element and in your CSS you have ol,ul{list-style:none}.

Next time you’ll want to post similar questions in an HTML/CSS beginners forum.