Build Pages Beyond Leaf Bundle Without _index?

Hugo documentation states that “Hugo ignores content beneath the leaf bundle.”

But, is there a way — a workaround — to ensure Hugo creates the pages/content/resources beyond the terminal leaf bundle without making it a branch bundle with an _index?

For example, I have the following structure:


Hugo will not build the folder-two/ because it considers folder-one/ a terminal leaf bundle without the _index.

I’m curious if there is an easy way to build the directories without the _index.

The content diagram above does not match your description. Please clarify.

You can use the tree command to generate directory structure diagrams.

Sorry, this is what I meant:

├── content
│   ├── folder-one
│       ├──
│       ├── folder-two
│           ├──

The documentation is definitive and correct, so the answer to your question is no.

Anything in or beneath “folder-one” (excluding folder-one/ is a page resource.