Bug: Carriage return required after last link at end of .md file

I discovered a persistent little bug: If the last line of a Markdown file is a hyperlink, Hugo will render it as plain text. For example, this Markdown code:

[1]: http://www.website.com

… gets rendered literally as "[1]: http://www.website.com" on the final page—the actual hyperlink is not inserted at the correct place referenced earlier in the .md file.

The current workaround is to add a carriage return to the end of the .md file so that the last line is blank.

Hopefully this little bug can be fixed in the next release.

I’m not sure it’s a bug; most text editors require a line to end with a newline, including the last one. We/or Blackfriday could detect and fix this, but It isn’t top priority. And you would have to add an issue on GitHub on the Blackfriday so it isn’t forgotten.