Inline references not working

I have am trying to create an FAQ. The markdown looks like this:

## FAQ and troubleshooting tips for coders

This section contains some frequently asked questions and tips for
troubleshooting problems in your code contribution.

* [How do I set my signature?](#how-do-i-set-my-signature)
* [How do I track changes from the docker repo upstream?](#how-do-i-set-the-docker-repo-as-the-upstream-master)
* [How do I format my Go code?](#how-do-I-format-my-go-code)
* [What is the pre-pull request checklist?](#what-is-the-pre-pull-request-checklist)
* [How do I rebase my feature branch?](#how-do-I-rebase-my-feature-branch)

### How do I set my signature

1. Change to the root of your `docker-fork` repository.

        $ cd docker-fork


### How do I track changes from the docker repo upstream


The problem I’m having is that these links * [How do I set my signature?](#how-do-i-set-my-signature) display like links but aren’t actually jumping to the heading like I expect. The URLs after generation look ok:


It must be the Markdown…I can see in the HTML that Hugo is appending a hash to the id. So, if I supply the hash the link works:


Is this expected behavior? Do I manually need to copy the hash from the generated HTML id?

Two options:

  2. Turn off the funky ids. There is a setting for that, look it up

I think what you are looking for is documented at