[BOUNTY 40USD] Count number of internal links pointing to every page

I am looking for someone who could come up with a simple script that could:

  • list down all the articles on the website
  • display next to the page a number of all the internal links across the Hugo site that points to this page.

Happy to pay for this task via PayPal upon completion.

Hi, I couldn’t help you with this. Can DM me the repo?

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Absolutely! I will also share a brief so you have good understanding how I want this to work/look - it’s a simple task for someone experienced.

Bump up! The bounty is still open!

Hello @justshipit

What I understand is you need to list down all the articles, which you can do it like that

{{ range site.RegularPages }}
  {{ .Title }}
{{ end }}

And you need to find the internal links from any page that points to some specific link. If I do not get it wrong, then I can do it for you.

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@Mehedi & others: I made a brief in Notion to describe in more details what I want to achieve.

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