Hugo + pagefind questions

I’ve integrated the new (to me) pagefind into our Hugo blog (Github) which uses the Ananke theme. It’s working great except for a couple of things:

  1. The image thumbnails for each search hit don’t use the featured image for the page. FIXED 1+2
  2. The date of the search hit page is not auto displayed in Hugo. FIXED
  3. It is not possible to invoke searches with URL parameters like this Hexo implementation. FIXED
  4. Don’t include the page summary blurbs from the index pages and return them as search hits. FIXED in list.html

EDIT: I started this post writing about 4 issues I was having. As I wrote it out the answer to 3 of the problems became obvious and I have removed a lot of debug info and posted my tested fixes.

No idea yet how to get pagefind search URL’s to work in Hugo so if anyone knows how to get that working in Hugo… :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies if this is more a theme than Hugo related question. Hopefully it will still aid other theme users looking to integrate pagefind.

Figured out the pagefind search URL’s thanks to’s Hexo based write-up kinked to above.

Very impressed with this pagefind tool.