Blog posts no longer main page after upgrading to 0.71

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I recently upgraded hugo from 0.55 to 0.71. I was able to fix most breaking changes, but I noticed that homepage/index.html no longer shows by default and now only shows links to my 2 base pages: Posts and About Me. Is there a configuration where I can change this behavior?

I know I jumped quite a few versions, but I cant seem to find anything related in the Release Notes. Or did I miss something?

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Please share a repo so the problem can be reproduced.

Here is my blog before the upgrade. The generated index.html in /public still has all my posts:

index.html after upgrade:

There was a change in the way you query pages, I don’t remember what or when, but as you are using an external theme, just update it.

I cloned your blog and installed the latest version of the kiss theme and it works.

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Seems like it was in 0.57 the change occured. If you look at the git history of index.html in the theme you are using:

You can see the changes and some discussion about it.

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Thank you. Updating the theme did the trick :slight_smile:

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