Blockquote missing paragraph tags

I am not sure if this is a Hugo or Goldmark issue. But a single line is not wrapped in paragraph tags. Any tips to resolve this?


{{- $author := .Attributes.cite  }}
{{- $class := .Attributes.class  }}
  <blockquote {{- with $class }} class="{{ . }}" {{- end }}>{{ .Inner | .Page.RenderString }}</blockquote>
  {{- with $author}}<figcaption>{{ . | $.Page.RenderString }}</figcaption>{{ end -}}
    ```quote { cite="Jane Doe" }

    Labore aperiam voluptas fugit tempore fugit est magnam aut. Dolorum omnis hic aliquid eveniet est fugit et. Impedit dolorum velit voluptatem qui voluptate atque unde voluptas.


See docs:

Specifically, the options map.

Not very (for layperson) clear from the docs that this means using dict. (Allow markdownify as a block for .Inner · Issue #5975 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub). Perhaps you might choose to include that example under display?

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