Blank screen upon localhost

hi! first time using hugo and I’m trying to set up a basic portfolio web page. I’ve been following a tutorial on setting up a site, and have been following it along but with a different example theme.
I’ve been using the ‘creative portfolio theme’ (GitHub - kishaningithub/hugo-creative-portfolio-theme: Port of the creative portfolio theme to Hugo), which claims to have an example site that loads upon the use of the ‘hugo server’ command.
I’ve set up the hugo config file to use the theme, and the site localhosts with no errors, but it only displays a blank screen.
Am I misunderstanding the tutorial/theme instructions? has stuff changed lately? my guess is that I’m missing something fundamental but I’m pretty stuck atm.
site’s code uploaded here: GitHub - kerbo2/personalsitetroubleshooting

Check draft, date, etc. in front matter.

And if you are just trying to build the example site…

cd kerbosart/themes/hugo-creative-portfolio-theme/exampleSite
hugo server --themesDir ../..

Tested with your repository. Works fine.

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