Best practices or a smarter way to create a ~60K pages website


I have a website based on WP that counts ~60K pages. Since it is basically a static website with some minor interaction powered by JS, I would like to switch to Hugo (which I already use for other projects).
The ~60K pages use the same template. Now, should I create 60K md files inside the content directory ( with a script that reads data from db and creates those files of course) or there’s some smarter way to do that and I’m missing it in the documentation?


Hi @simlated ,

I’m dropping here the bookmarks I have on the topic, hope you’ll find interesting bits:


You might find the talk Automated migration at scale: Migrate to Hugo from any existing site presented at the recent 2023 HugoConf useful.

In the talk, George Phillips from CloudCannon talks about the new StaticShape tool.