Basic Question - Website Export/Import

Trying to migrate our site. We like it but do want to make minor changes but need the site to be imported into a different CMS that will work well for our future needs.

I’m posting here as have no clue what our site is built with/on, etc. Used this tool and Hugo came up so thinking our site was built with Hugo?

Our site is

We simply need to separate from our web development person and hosting but don’t want to lose pieces of our site requiring resources we do not have or understand to get our site actually migrated and up and running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m sorry but this is a support forum for Hugo and we cannot assist you with your inquiry regarding the technologies that are used on your site.

Thank you.

Your website was indeed created with Hugo.

Ideally you would need access to the source code of your website from your current developer.

Regarding the appropriate migration from a Hugo site to another CMS/framework you would also need the services of a professional web developer.

With that said this is a place for Hugo, not a place to find web professionals. If however you seek a Hugo professional there is the Services category in which you can make a listing.