Automatically add tags to post from a master list of tags?

I’m considering moving an active blog over to hugo and am exploring all of the functions. I’d like to know if someone already has a tool that can do something like the following:

  • Have a static set of tags available (possibly in a yaml file or something along those lines)
  • During the build process or through some other means when writing a post a preprocessor (or editor plugin) will read the post and if any of the keywords in the post are in that list of tags it adds the tag to the blog post.

This is for a medical related website - so it would be a list of medications and medicines and if they appear in the article it would be “auto tagged”.

I’m hoping that something like this is already done by someone as it seems like a somewhat typical use case for a blog.

In the wordpress world it would be the hugo equivalent to something like:

Thanks for any input.