Automating social media posts with tag-specific RSS

It took me a while to figure this out and I thought folks here might find it useful:

TL;DR: You can automatically create social media posts from specific Hugo blog posts using tags, RSS, and either IFTTT or Just point the automation to the tag-specific RSS link:

Here is my personal blog post on the process (which was also used to test the IFTTT integration to post on my LI):

(Full disclosure, I did need to clean up the LI post a bit manually after it posted, but I think with a bit of work this could become a cool way to automate social re-sharing of my Hugo posts.)

As I wrote on my site, this seemed super easy, then became much harder than expected when I realized I didn’t want to automatically share every single blog post, then easy again when I realized Hugo builds unique RSS feeds for each tag, then hard again when I actually saw the resulting LI post was formatted weird…

Does anyone have a similar workflow? I would be excited to learn what others are doing in the realm of social media automation for Hugo sites.

Hi @raw

Sorry but this tip / trick is not at all hugo related it is about rss feed to some other site.

Also I use rss feed to post on meta. I simply use the google sheets to fetch data (using simple format provided by sheets to fetch feeds) and then use meta api to post it via Cloudflare. Cost me 0$ and there is no limit on number of channel or filters I can place. But I will not post that in this form as it is not related to Hugo.

This is just non relevant spam on Hugo, I believe, my opinion, just saying