Asciidoc attributes issue


I’m trying to include external file from URI, I added allow-uri-read both in Hugo configuration and my .adoc document.

    endLevel = 4
    ordered = true
    startLevel = 2
    backend = "html5"
    extensions = ["asciidoctor-html5s", "asciidoctor-rouge"]
    failureLevel = "fatal"
    noHeaderOrFooter = true
    preserveTOC = true
    safeMode = "unsafe"
    sectionNumbers = true
    trace = true
    verbose = true
    workingFolderCurrent = false
    allow-uri-read = true
    icons = "font"
    source-highlighter = "rouge"
    rouge-style = "monokai-sublime"

The log says nothing, I’m not able to see if arguments are parsed correctly:

INFO 2022/07/15 15:22:39 syncing static files to /
INFO 2022/07/15 15:22:39 Rendering basics/asciidoc/article.adoc with /usr/local/bin/asciidoctor ...

I added allow-uri-read to my IDE Asciidoc plugin which renders the external content correctly. So it’s not an issue with my asciidoctor instance or network.

I’l waiting for feedback


Problem solved. I have an issue with asciidoc install on Ubuntu. I switched to windows and rendering is done.