Hugo failing on asciidoctor INFO

My site has been running fine for some time with the following in my config.yaml to make hugo fail only on fatal asciidoctor warnings:

    safeMode: unsafe    
    failureLevel: fatal    

But a recently added document is causing hugo 82.0 to fail with:

$ hugo --minify  --destination=public/  && cp public/fr/404.html public/ --verbose
Start building sites … 
ERROR 2021/05/08 22:56:36 docs/lexique-coul/nav.adoc: asciidoctor: INFO: possible invalid reference: _dioula_français

I tried with hugo 80 and get the same error. Did anything change with asciidoctor functionality at some point?

Is that document the first one with special characters in the filename? I see a ç there.

Yes that is correct. And maybe thats why the reference is ‘perhaps’ invalid. I just nuked the file anyways as I don’t need it here anyway. But the point is that this is only an INFO message from asciidoctor. Hugo should not fail to build the site when asciidoctor provides you information that you ‘might’ have a weird link in a document.