Archive page & creating new templated pages

I can’t seem to figure out how to create an “archives” page. A page that lists all my posts. I am using the Incorporated theme and there is a file post/index.html that apparently is supposed to contain this archive but all it contains is:

  <section class="index"> 
    <h2><a href="">Posts</a></h2>
    <div class="meta">
      <time pubdate datetime="2016-09-22" title="2016-09-22">September 22, 2016</time>

I can’t figure out what to change to fix this. In the theme there is a layout called indexes/post.html which appears to be what is supposed to be used (I think). But is appears to do nothing at all.

On a more general note, I tried just to create a new templated page myself, but realized I have no idea how to create such a page, even after perusing the Hugo docs for a while I still have no idea.