Anyone here interested in a Hugo Planet?

Hey peeps,

I don’t know how many of you all are familiar with “planets” in the open-source world but basically they are a page/RSS feed that is an aggregate of blog posts from the community. Instead of having to visit 14 different people’s blogs who may post about Hugo, you can visit a single place, such as or (not real sites), and read all Hugo related posts in one place.

Very popular 10 years ago though I see less of them now. Anyone think having one for Hugo would be useful?

Examples of existing planets:


It could be useful. The question is which platform to use. Just an idea: create a script/bot to publish with Hugo from RSS/Atom feeds?

There’s an open issue, I believe, to have a getXML just as we have getJSON. Then using Hugo to create a Planet from RSS feeds should be trivial.

Here it is:

We do our best to keep a set of links on the New Dynamic. We have 115 links so far. These are curated so it’s more focused on certain links rather than all of them:

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That’s no question. It’s going to be Hugo. :wink:

I’ll put together a demo in the coming weeks.

Speaking of which, the Docker Hugo image has moved so the link on TND’s website is now outdated. @budparr Would you be able to fix it?

The URL went from to

All set. Thanks for the update!

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