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Today Hugo was submitted by a community member to Product Hunt.

It’s a great site that I really enjoy. It would be awesome to blitz it and get Hugo some recognition. This will be seen by a typically different audience than Hugo currently is know by so it could have a materially positive effect on themes and other visual work.
go here to checkout Hugo if you have a minute.

This brings up another question is who would be willing to help spread the word about Hugo at various places across the web? What is the best way to coordinate these efforts? Does anyone want to lead these efforts?

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It seems like bumps like the above also doubles the stars per day at GitHub:

Upvoted it on ProductHunt, and we just launched my company eSolia’s site reboot based on Hugo, so I posted about that via buffer to several social networks.

Also just added my sites to the Docs showcase, via a PR.

Just added a blurb about using Hugo for our relaunch, to the Static Site Generators community on Google Plus.

Submitted this blurb to @thenewdynamic:

…because they responded to my tweet, asking if we would say a couple words about why eSolia chose it, for their site.

During this latest project, I got my team at eSolia involved, to the extent of making markdown files, which they are used to, and putting them up on their fork of our repo on github. I have not got them to the stage of actually using Hugo yet locally, but, baby steps first.

I asked them all to star the hugo repo. It’s not much, but a handful more stars is better than no more stars.

And now we’re at fourth place:

And we are likely going to be in 4th place for a while if current trends continue. Here’s to looking ahead to being #3.

We just published a blog post on why we chose Hugo in English and Japanese:


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And, the new dynamic linked it up too:

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Maybe worth a few seconds to vote:

Duly voted.