Another site done with Hugo in less than TWO DAYS

It took me, literally, less than 48hs to design and build this site with Hugo.

My personal site, so mind you, its fairly simple.

The breakdown:
The design was tough: I didn’t wanted it to look like all other blogs. Caught me in a bad week too, so it took me around 5 hours I believe. Most of those hours I spent looking for inspiration and trying things. The coding part was a breeze, can’t really put a timer on that part.

6hs to shoot the video (prep the camera, charge the battery, download resolve to edit the video, find a suitable SD card which I couldn’t so I could only shoot 4 seconds of video, doesn’t matter, I make do with what I have) and less than 2hs to deploy the website with Amazon S3.

The result? Hugo built, AWS hosted. Beautifully simple blog.


True, with Wordpress you might be able to deploy a blog in ten seconds.

But to make it your own?

Only with Hugo.

48hs. Time’s up. Where’s yours?

P.S: I still can’t use integrity data check with the CSS and JS because of CORS (I presume, even when CORS is oka and anonymous). https://www vs https:// issue I believe. Oh well…


Great looking site! I love the vide in the top left. Short, quick load and just fits…

I am new to Hugo and haven’t switch my site over yet… This weekend it will be switched :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome!

Looking great!

Heads-up - there’s a bug on the contact link at the bottom, clicking “Send Feedback/Contact Us” takes me straight to the “Thank you for writing” page rather than a contact form.

Nah, that’s by design.

Kidding! But kinda cathartic, ne? :slight_smile:


it’s not a bug it’s an undocumented feature!