An Official `examples` Repo for Hugo

It would be great if there was a repo containing the example code for implementing the features documented in the Hugo docs. I’d also be glad to contribute to it, and there surely are many more who’d love this.

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I think this is a bit hard to implement with a single repository because some Hugo features need a special site setup. That means you’d end up with one repository with a lot of branches, which makes it a pain to navigate, keep track of, and update.

And sorry to be a bit pessimistic, but a problem with an official repository is that likely Bep needs to be a serious part of it (to make it “official”). I really don’t think we can ask Bep, Digitalcraftsman, and any other contributor for more than the amount of work they already put into Hugo.

What I meant by a repo for official examples repo was simply a place to store Hugo code examples. It isn’t necessary that the code be demonstrated live. I want it to be somewhat like CodePen to share feature implementations. It will really be helpful for everyone since Hugo coding is somewhat scarce online.
I do understand that Bep or any others of the members have to invest their time in Hugo, but there should be a solution for this (which I don’t know).

Maybe create a Hugo-examples organization and create a team around it?

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That seems to be a plausible idea.