An odd situation: CSS does not load


I hosted my hugo site at github pages and everything was a-ok. Then I pointed my github pages to my custom domain and the site shows, but the css does not load.

What could I be doing wrong?

Much thanks for any advice.


Have you updated your config.toml with the baseURL ?

If you updated to custom domain, then the baseURL needs to be updated otherwise it will result in 404 for your style.css or other assets.

Thanks for your reply! My base URL is updated to my but not to my custom domain name. Do you mean I should update the baseurl to custom domain name?

Base URL need to be set to the actual domain of the site. Since you say you are using a custom domain, then that is what the base url need to be set to.


aha, thank you very much! this was very helpful! :slight_smile:

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